Combat Casualty Training Consortium (CCTC)

On the battlefield, a medic serves as the front line of emergency care, treating the wounded and preparing them for evacuation from danger. The University of Missouri (MU) has received a $5.3 million grant to evaluate and refine how those critical responders will be trained in the future using simulation.

With the United States Department of Defense funding, MU has established the Combat Casualty Training Consortium (MU CCTC) to further research in the areof combat medic training. The study research will focus on three critical areas of trauma care: hemorrhage control, airway management and emergency medical skills. The two-year grant will allow the MU CCTC to analyze the effectiveness of existing training modalities and then develop assessment tools and make recommendations to further the training, retention, and competence of medics in pre-hospital combat care settings. As a team member of the MU CCTC, Information Visualization and Innovative Research Inc. (IVIR Inc.), under the direction of Mr. John J. Anton, Principal Investigator (PI), will be responsible for the overall program management function for the MU CCTC. IVIR Inc. will lead the research study design and data analysis efforts culminating in the development of a training gap analysis, curriculum recommendations, and technology roadmap.

In addition to IVIR Inc., the MU CCTC primary grant partners include the University of Alabama-Birmingham, the University of South Florida, and the University of Central Florida, and with a team of more than 30 civilian and military trauma casualty care subject matter experts from across the country.

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