Forward Field Medical Care (F2MC) Trainer

Administering treatment to a casualty quickly and correctly is key to increasing survivability on the battlefield. Military first responders require trauma training for life saving skills: hemorrhage control, fluid resuscitation, airway management, and needle decompression. It is training in these areas that most increases the survivability rate.

The advantages of developing a forward field medical care training mannequin focused on meeting the military’s specific training and education needs for initial care in a care under fire and a tactical field care circumstance are significant, particularly in remote and hostile environments where evacuation may be delayed for long periods.

This research and development program will identify key educational objectives associated with severe trauma injuries at the far forward level, and articulate the top-level system engineering design requirements and specifications for an affordable F2MC training mannequin.

IVIR’s mission of this effort is to research, develop, and demonstrate the ability to field a new cost efficient F2MC trainer, which will meet the necessary educational and operational requirements for forward field military medical care.


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