Medical Training Evaluation and Review (MeTER)

IVIR Inc.'s commitment to the advancement of training led to the development of the MeTER system, an automated education and training assessment tool which provides the foundation for effective and tailored training to significantly advance educational capabilities. The system creates randomized computer based pre/post-tests and performance checklists for cognitive, psychomotor, and decision-making skills' assessment. It automatically scores the results to maintain objectivity and reports the results in a variety of comparative formats.

MeTER can be populated with any curriculum and it is capable of accepting other training modules as necessary. It is also interoperable with other educational delivery instruments. Additionally, the MeTER system can serve as an assessment tool for new technology insertion, new training algorithms, curriculum modifications, and adjusted protocols. The system is capable of assessing students, instructors, training sites, and programs of instruction. With optimized training, powerful design features, and effective reporting for resource maximization, MeTER sets the standard in assessment evaluation. 

MeTER provides the foundation for streamlined, effective, and tailored training that will significantly advance educational capabilities. By populating a computer based educational assessment system with technical, tactical, and clinical knowledge skills, automated pre/post tests for cognitive and psychomotor skills are generated that are customized to specific student categories.

By utilizing these real-time measurable results to verify competencies and timely decision making, MeTER forms the beginning assessment architecture to determine the effectiveness of conducted learning.


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