IVIR Inc. attended MHSRS, the DoD premiere scientific meeting

MHSRS, Kissimmee, FL – IVIR Inc. attended MHSRS, the Department of Defense’s premier scientific meeting. It provides a venue for presenting new scientific knowledge resulting from military-unique research and development. MHSRS is the only military/civilian meeting that focuses specifically on the unique medical needs of the Warfighter. IVIR Inc. had two presentations: “Military Medical Modeling & Simulation Applications of Medical Technology “Realities” to Improve Training Effectiveness – A Joint En Route Care Training System of Systems Architecture with Focus on Patient Handoffs and Transfers” and “A Systematic Review of Pre-deployment Training Capabilities for the Evaluation of Role 2 (R2) Medical Resources in the Afghanistan Combat Theater, Past, Present and Future” along with two poster sessions, “A Systematic Review and Analysis of Canine Medical Care Training” and “Setting Standards for Advanced Modular Manikin”.