U.S. Department of Defense contract with IVIR and partners

IVIR Inc., along with its partners, were awarded a $2M contract by the US Department of Defense to make recommendations for changes to current medic and corpsman training and to develop two prototype medical simulators. These simulators will give medics and corpsmen a chance to practice the types of advanced skills necessary to prepare them for the challenges they may face on future battlefields. Catherine Strayhorn, the IVIR Inc., CEO said, “IVIR is very excited to be selected for this program, we understand the extreme conditions our soldiers experience and this offers an opportunity to enhance medical training that will ultimately improve outcomes”. William E. Lewandowski, the IVIR Inc. Principal Investigator on the project said, “We see this project as an important part of meeting Lieutenant General West’s goal of having zero preventable deaths on the battlefield, and we are focused on doing our part to make that happen.”