IVIR Inc. has been awarded Phase III

IVIR Inc. has been awarded Phase III of the “Prototype of Joint Evacuation and Transport Simulation (JETS) System” program. The Phase III effort will focus on the validation of the architectural design that was created during Phase II. Expansion of the design and development of an operational trial for the Medical Modeling and Simulation Federation Object Model (MMS FOM), as a component of a JETS/POINTS system of system, using commercial off the shelf (COTS) and Government-furnished equipment (GFE) components. IVIR will also create and initiate a propagation and advocacy plan for the Medical Simulation Enterprise (MSE), and develop a Return on Investment (ROI) model of the MSE.
Catherine Strayhorn, the IVIR Inc. President and CEO said, “The ultimate goal of this program is to enable DoD medical simulations, combat simulations and learning management systems to be able to network and interact with other current, off the shelf technology that is flexible enough to be adaptable to future innovations. The value of this type of integrated training ecosystem has proven itself in tactical and strategic combat simulation, and we expect that the DoD will be able to achieve the same results in warrior care.”