Independent Test & Evaluation

IVIR Inc. offers independent test and evaluation which is essential to verify and validate its initiatives are consistent with organizational strategies, comply with federal mandates, support business needs, and meet contractual requirements. It is not enough for a product manufacturer or researcher to simply say a product or technology works and meets specifications. In reality, customers and end users want validated evidence that products and technologies meet promised standards and specifications. It is critical that products and emerging technologies function correctly and consistently to ensure success in the marketplace, enhancing the business value for the end user. Independent test and evaluation in a vendor-neutral, realistic test environment is a cost-effective and credible way to ensure the part, component, and system solution works. IVIR Inc. has the experience, tools, capabilities, and resources to ensure that our clients’ system development and integration efforts are fully functional and correlate to design specifications.

Independent Test & Evaluation Programs IT&E of US Army Stand Alone Patient Simulator The U.S. Army Research Development Engineering Command (RDECOM) contracted IVIR Inc. to conduct an Independent Test and Evaluation…Read more... meduzone IVIR Inc. installed a proprietary assessment tool to test the ability to measure informal learning within the exhibit space…Read more...

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