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Information Visualization and Innovative Research

Information Visualization and Innovative Research Inc. (IVIR Inc.), is a leader in research and development in education, medical education, and modeling and simulation. Established in 2008, IVIR’s team of professionals represents decades of comprehensive experience in cutting-edge research and development of information visualization technologies for the US Military and civilian markets. From developing educational engineering systems, designing simulation devices, to providing program management services, IVIRs goal is to achieve measurable results that make a lasting impact and ultimately save lives.


Strategic Mindset



We have the largest economy and the strongest military in the world. Our core values of freedom and opportunity are ascendant around the globe.
-Joe Lieberman
Achieving Results
What We Believe

When IVIR was formed, the vision was to establish an employee eccentric company that provided quality products, innovative ideas and services for growth in medical modeling and simulation. The reputation of the individuals and company for quality, ingenuity and leadership continue to move us forward. The company continues to stand by its philosophy and has gained the respect of the industry.

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The future of medical simulation will follow the same path as the future of healthcare. We continue to strive for excellence and work diligently collaborating with our clients and partners to help improve processes and deliver a sustainable success they desire.

Our team of professionals are committed to this industry as we pursue clients in educational analysis, training assessment, measurement, and research and development.