The JETS (Joint Evacuation and Training System) began as research in 2016, when IVIR was awarded a contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The research focused on “Patient Handoffs and Transfers” and developing an architectural design for a system of systems for joint en route care training. The efforts consisted of:

●      Provide for a more realistic representation of casualty handoffs and transfers that occur in the joint en route continuum of care with improved mechanisms for training, test and evaluation to reduce medical errors and adverse events occurring before, during, and/or after patient handoffs and transfers.

●      Add to the current body of knowledge by identifying and addressing gaps in joint en route care training, and construct a top-level interoperable architectural framework for a training system of systems that can track individual and team performance correlated to patient outcomes.

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Since 2016, the program and system continued to evolve and in 2018, IVIR Inc. was awarded a follow-on contract from the DoD to develop a “Prototype of the Joint Evacuation and Transport Simulation System.” However, in 2021 the JETS program was renamed as “Joint Emergency Trauma Simulation” during the evolution of the program.

The core functionality of JETS allows current, commercial off-the-shelf, medical simulations, and simulation support systems, to communicate with each other, in a federated network, over a standard Internet or Intranet connection. This allows multiple simulation components to be combined to create a training microsystem representing a single, customized simulated patient. It also allows simulated patients to be digitally transferred to other patient simulators as an analog of the transfer of real-world patients through various Roles of Care.

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