Curriculum Development

A Johns Hopkins study states that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US, after heart disease and cancer. Other reports indicate that this number is very conservative and that as many as 440,000 die each year from medical errors. Therefore, you can see why IVIR is committed to medical education through our work in curriculum development, research, modeling, simulation, VR/AR, and the 3D printing of anatomical models for patient and surgeon training.

Hands-on educational programs are developed to optimally convey the content to a specific audience such as a medical device company, simulation manufacturer, military program or educational institution. Time limitations, remote or assembled learning, background of learners and other factors are considered when producing educational programs.

Curriculum for Industry

Whether a custom curriculum is needed for sales or service internal personnel or medical or surgical education, IVIR has a strong background in medical device sales and market. This deep understanding is essential for assistance during every stage of the product life cycle. Of particular benefit is the support during a product launch to facilitate device adoption, KOL interaction, as well as tradeshow and conference presentations. If the goal is to successfully introduce a product to an audience or to steal market share, IVIR can support your in-person or online training requirements.

Curriculum for Simulation Companies

Do you have a new simulator, VR, AR, 3D printing or other training product that you are introducing? Do you need all in place for a CME course? Need support on preparing materials for a speaker at a conference? Do you need a training program for sales and support personnel? IVIR has extensive experience in these areas. Decades of simulation experience bring a depth of experience to support the many training and curriculum requirements needed for their in-house team members and end-users.

Curriculum for Military Programs

IVIR is proud to have veterans in leadership positions within our company. These patriots bring to our company a rich history of combat, simulation, transport, and medical training expertise. Curriculum for military training is unlike any other program. IVIR is unique in its ability to offer sophisticated content developed from firsthand experience to best support the needs of military training programs.

Curriculum for Educational Institutions

As medical and surgical simulation centers expand, and with the surge of nursing simulation centers being built, programs require content and curriculum to support these ever-growing institutions. IVIR brings decades of medical education and simulation experience and can enhance or build curriculum to support these needs as well as remote learning and online resource centers.

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