Innovative Research 

Innovative research is the IVIR Inc. approach to effect change, gather information, and reach new conclusions in the areas of medical education, modeling and simulation, and educational assessment. Dedication to the advancement of knowledge is the driving force that inspires IVIR Inc. to look at research projects and medical education through a different lens. The distinctive methods that IVIR Inc. utilizes to investigate, interpret, communicate, and develop cutting edge technologies set IVIR Inc. apart in the world of medical research and technology. The incorporation of information visualization tools to include human patient simulations, holograms, 3-D, and Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technologies supports IVIR Inc.’s ability to address current research challenges from a unique angle.




Research Experience

Hologram Imaging Technology (HIT)

The effort investigated current holographic and 3-D technologies and their potential uses for medical modeling and simulation…

Partial Task Training IV/Orthopedic/Tourniquet Arm (PTT-ARM)

IVIR Inc. recognized the need for a more realistic part-task trainer and created a human replicate upper extremity…

Mobile Medical Lane Training (MMLT) After Action Review (AAR) System

In advancing medical education during lane training, IVIR Inc. has been contracted by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Simulation and Training Technology Center (ARL STTC) to research, develop and demonstrate the ability to integrate imaging capturing technology…

Forward Field Medical Care (F2MC) Trainer

Administering treatment to a casualty quickly and correctly is key to increasing survivability on the battlefield. Military first responders require trauma training for life saving skills: hemorrhage control, fluid resuscitation, airway management, and needle decompression. It is training in these areas…