What IVIR Provides

IVIR is committed to delivering the most advanced innovation and technology to the medical simulation industry. Our vision is to connect with the medical civilian and military markets and to support improvements through education and training. Our continued communication with our clients is critical as we adapt and learn from; in order to improve our capabilities and processes within the simulation industry. IVIR continues to stay current on today’s and tomorrow’s technology, to ensure we are meeting the growing needs in our industry.

Systems Engineering
IVIR Inc. utilizes an interdisciplinary approach of system engineering to effectively enable...
Program Management
IVIR offers program management services to clients and partners in the medical simulation...
Educational Engineering
Upon completion of the Requirements Analysis, IVIR uses content validation, experiential...
IVIR strategy
Industry Knowledge

IVIR provides advanced services for our clients. Explore the services relevant to you as we assess, analyze, learn, educate, and evaluate to assist our clients to make better decisions, converting those decisions into actions.

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