IVIR Research

IVIR strives for excellence and continues to be innovators for the civilian and military markets by implementing processes and procedures such as innovative technologies that enable continuous improvement to the services we provide. We believe that adaptation and scalability allow us to integrate new innovative ideas and processes through assessment and evaluation, which enables our customers to achieve a decisive advantage as they execute their mission.

Advanced Simulation Designs


Patient Safety

IVIR is known for results that are generated from thorough, systematic and innovative research. Decades of projects for complex government, military, academic and corporate partners have produced a wide range of experience with insights that benefit future research clients.

New understandings are often uncovered by utilizing relevant technologies for specific types of applications. Examples include; information visualization technologies, advanced simulator designs, generalized physiological models integrated into partial task trainers, virtual anatomy education, informal/formal educational effectiveness assessment and live tissue replacement/reduction with more realistic simulation.

Great satisfaction is achieved when IVIR team members participate in areas of research that are unique, complex, disruptive, and meaningful. IVIR is drawn to projects that make a difference, whether it be to improve patient safety via medical education, battlefield best practices that save lives, or advancing education via technology for improved research and development. When passionate about the task’s mission, IVIR’s knowledgeable team members are fully absorbed with determination, dedication, and perseverance as they provide research that can make a difference.

Contract awards from repeat clients are very satisfying and common for IVIR, and great pride is taken when we are privileged to work with research partners again.

Military and civilian customers count on IVIR to provide innovative research for a wide range of applications. This work is done by applying information visualization modeling and simulation technologies to uncover new insights regarding general and medical education applications. These government, academic and corporate partners invite us to participate in areas of research that are unique, complex, disruptive, and meaningful.

Our determination, dedication, experience, and perseverance have provided a gateway for us to pursue areas of research that we are passionate about and can make a real impact as we strive to save lives. IVIR’s knowledgeable team applies innovative ideas with advancing technology to evolve education through research and development.

Medical Research

Projects Include:

  • Information visualization technologies for educational applications
  • Advanced simulator designs
  • Generalized physiological models integrated into partial task trainers
  • Virtual anatomy education
  • Informal and formal educational effectiveness assessment
  • Live tissue replacement/reduction with more realistic simulation