Independent Test & Evaluation

Stand Alone Patient Simulator (SAPS)

The Stand Alone Patient Simulator (SAPS) was developed to address specific U.S. Army training requirements and to demonstrate the application of advanced technologies. This development represented disruptive technology that significantly increased combat medical readiness. While SAPS was partially documented in a test-model-test approach, additional effort was dedicated to conduct independent test and evaluation before it could be fully fielded to ensure that the government maximized all technological inserts available and established the suitability for use.

The U.S. Army Research Development Engineering Command (RDECOM) contracted IVIR to conduct an independent test and evaluation to provide complete documentation to move the SAPS research concept into the acquisition, production, fielding, and life cycle support arena. The project consisted of establishing the Critical Operational Issues and Criteria (COIC) and Measures of Performance (MOP) and Effectiveness (MOE) for the SAPS system, and creating a Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP). The project culminated with verifying the research effort, conducting independent validation testing, and evaluating the SAPS system at selected joint operational medical training sites, as well as, fusing and analyzing the collected data.
The processed data was used to fully document the user requirements, to verify the SAPS delivery to the government, to validate the SAPS concept as a viable instructional tool, and to prepare accreditation packages for the appropriate agencies for specific utilization approval.