TrACERâ„¢ (Training/Testing Assessment Capabilities and Reporting for Research) is an automated assessment and evaluation system developed by IVIR for research and testing. It automatically produces test instruments, collects test data, correlates data and produces both statistical and descriptive analysis for final test reports. The system can be used for any procedure or skill set identified in critical research areas. It produces objective evaluation of subjects, and observer/controller performance for cognitive tasks, psychomotor skills, affective measurement, and decision-making performance. It is particularly useful for medical research.

University of Central Florida (UCF)
Award Date:
March, 2010
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Product Features

Optimized Training

  • Facilitates standardized curriculum
  • Allows tailored training for learning deficiencies
  • Creates consistency of instruction
  • Provides performance-based outcomes
  • Ensures training accountability
  • Measures performance in cognitive, clinical and decision-making skills proficiency

Powerful Design Features

  • Customized test instruments based on learner category
  • Randomized electronic pre/post tests
  • Scenario-based psychomotor skills checklists
  • Automatic, real-time, weighted and percentile scoring

Unique Evaluation Component

  • Assesses cognitive, psychomotor, and decision-making learning domains
  • Provides comprehensive skill assessments
  • Generates immediate data at all levels
  • Student
  • Class
  • Site